Makeup Beauty Tips on how to look your best on a wedding day.

Here are some makeup beauty tips from Key West Wedding Stylist & makeup artist Elena Southcott on how to look your best for any Key West bride,bridesmaid or wedding guest.
Elena is extremely dedicated to making brides beautiful through sophisticated bridal hair, makeup & styling services for over a decade.


Hair and Makeup by Elena Southcott

Makeup Beauty Tips on how to look your best on a wedding day.

Tip number one is:” Be Your Self”.

No makeup can hide tired looking Eyes so please Get enough sleep!
Eyes that aren’t getting enough sleep will look dull and lifeless, not shiny and bright. Your eyes are the first thing people notice when they look at you, so adding even 20 minutes more to your sleep each night can really make a difference on your wedding day.
Healthy skin prevents wrinkles around the eyes. Low-fat dairy products contain vitamin A which promotes healthy skin cells. Milk, yogurt, and cheese are great ways to get additional vitamin A—and the bone strengthening calcium. Fresh fruits and vegetables like berries, artichokes, and prunes have high antioxidants. These help your skin renew by protecting the skin cell membranes, which in turn creates healthy, glowing skin.
Makeup beauty tips include using collagen, a skin-supporting compound produced naturally in young skin that is responsible for a firm, young appearance. Since natural collagen levels decrease as you age, skin’s support system breaks down. As a result, wrinkles and bags can begin to form and skin looks tired.The Pentapeptides are combined with fatty acids to get the compound deep into the skin and you may start to see results in as little as four weeks.
But your best bet for healthy skin that opens a wonderful palette to apply makeup is water, water, water! Water helps the skin cells renew themselves. Drink at least eight glasses a day, and more during the hot Key West weather when the skin cells become dehydrated.
Eye makeup tips include using gentle make-up removers containing all natural ingredients that can improve the health of skin around the eyes as well as remove stubborn eye-makeup. Look for products with high water content, chamomile flowers, citrus extract such as grapefruit, and tea tree oil.
Other things that you can think about doing, is making sure that you get the right foundation, particularly when it is hot. If you are after makeup in the hot weather, then for makeup that will keep you looking fresh in heat and humidity, it is hard to beat Double Wear.

wedding hair and makeup by Elena Southcott

wedding hair and makeup by Elena Southcott

Update your makeup routine every few years.
Eye makeup tips can change with the season, just like fashion. Make sure you keep yours from looking dated. Here are some common makeup beauty tips “eye-don’ts” that will make you look dated:

— Bright colors: Don’t use a lot of different colors on your lids. Stay in the same color family.

— Blush as shadow: Don’t sweep blush across your lids and under brows unless it is a bronzer. The “pink” of blush is not appropriate for most skin tones.

If you want to create a striking look with eye makeup, we can choose colors that do not match. I like to use purples, bronzes and browns for green eyes; Peach, yellows, and gold shades are amazing with blue eyes.

Remember, there are many classic eye makeup colors that look great and are timeless. For example, We can try a soft brown with blue eyes to bring out the color or a smoky gray with brown eyes for that sultry look. I would use a bit of white to highlight, and you’re set, no matter what decade we are in!

Hair and Makeup by Elena Southcott.

Bridal makeup &Hair by Elena Southcott.

Keep your brows well-groomed.
No amount of eye makeup can hide sloppy brows with stray hairs and no shape. The best thing is to have them professionally waxed or tweezed into shape at your local salon. Between visits, keep your brows neat by tweezing strays and keeping them brushed. You can cut long hairs with scissors or fill in thin brows with a pencil the same color as your hair.
If you are unable to go for a professional wax work over, you can still use this makeup tips for eyes.
Begin tweezing from the space between the brows by holding the skin taunt and plucking out unwanted hair. Complete the rest of the brows working from the inside to the outside. Remember to clean your tweezers and brows with astringent to prevent the spread of germs.

Need a fast fix for puffy eyes? Before your makeup artist arrives, use these tried-and-true (and free) all-natural make-up tips. Eyes can benefit from the cold! So keep chamomile tea ice cubes in the freezer for handy use. Gently rub them under and over puffy eyes to help reduce the swelling and calm skin irritation. Rinse you face in ice cold milk. The lactic acid in the milk tightens up your skin and minimizes pores while the natural emollients in milk help lock in moisture. Also, keep two spoons in the fridge. Place over puffy eyes to reduce any puffiness.
Other great ways to keep down puffy eyes is to sleep with a cool compress over the eyes. You can also use green tea bags or regular tea bags cooled and placed over the eyes. If your eyes are puffy, use cold wet tea bags to bring down the swelling.

Hair and Makeup by Elena Southcott.

Bridesmaide Hair and Makeup by Elena Southcott.

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