Hair and Makeup Tips for nailing your engagement photos.

As a professional hair Stylist and Makeup Artist  I often get hired to do engagement hair and makeup.
Whether you’re engaged already or you think the big question may be coming soon, I want to offer a few tips for nailing your engagement photos.
A lot of brides-to-be are nervous about their engagement sessions. For many this is a first time being in front of the camera together and it can be intimidating.

Your photographer will be skilled at capturing your joy in perfect natural light. My job is to make their job even easier.

If you’ve never done makeup for photos or you aren’t really sure what to do with your hair, you may want to hit up the salon before your engagement shoot. Photos require slightly more saturated makeup than your every day look so that you don’t become washed out. Haven’t done your hair and makeup consultation with your wedding day stylist yet? It can be a smart move to schedule that consult the morning before your session to knock out two birds with one makeup brush!

When hair has been done professionally, it stays in place better, and for a longer time. That’s really important when you are doing a photo shoot that can last for four to six hours and involve outfit changes. Hair has fewer fly aways and everything looks smoother and softer and shinier.

Makeup shows up differently on camera than in person, and professional makeup artists know this. You might be a master at applying makeup for everyday life, but they know how to ensure that your makeup will look perfect on camera (as well as off). Unless they are in front of the camera every day, that’s a skill most people haven’t mastered. It’s easy to under- or over-apply.

At your shoot, your photographer will want to take a few pictures showcasing your ring. Be sure to get a manicure prior to your session or at least clean and cut your nails so there are no distractions and your gorgeous engagement ring​ is the focus of these photos!

Since most of my engagement shoots happen outdoors,I recommend casual clothing, no crazy patterns or logos. You don’t have to be all matchy-matchy, but it would be cool if there was some subtle stylistic connection between you both – perhaps your scarf matches his undershirt – be creative.

If you tend to have shiny/oily skin, it will definitely show since most of my photos use flash-based lighting. Ladies, usually this can be easily remedied with a light matte-finish powder or blotter paper.

One of the best pieces of advice we’ve heard from photographers is to make your engagement session part of a day-long date. Not only does this give you plenty of time for photos without feeling rushed, but starting your day in this mindset helps you feel connected and romantic as you head into the photo shoot. Start your day with a boozy brunch or coffee at your favorite spot and invite your photographer to meet you there to grab a few shots before changing locations.

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